Factors Affecting Intention to Wear Face Masks among Thai People


  • Pongsakorn Limna UNITAR International University, Malaysia , Manipal GlobalNxt University, Malaysia
  • Supaprawat Siripipatthanakul Bangkok Thonburi University, Thailand
  • Sutithep Siripipattanakul Kasetsart University, Thailand


Attitude, perceived benefit of face masks, the pandemic risk perceptions, face mask availability


This study examined the factors influencing Thais’ intention to wear face masks. The predictors of intention to wear face masks included attitude, face mask cost, the pandemic risk perceptions, perceived benefits and face mask availability. This study gathered data using online questionnaires among 391 respondents recruited through convenience sampling. The conceptual framework was examined with the partial least squares path modelling and structural equation modelling (PLS-SEM) using the ADANCO software program (version 2.2.1) and SPSS (version 27). The empirical findings show the relationship between factors and intention to wear face masks. The results revealed that attitude had the most significant influence on intention to wear a face mask, followed by the perceived benefit of a face mask, pandemic risk perceptions, availability of face masks, and face mask cost. The respondents’ pandemic risk perceptions significantly influenced attitude. Also, their attitude was a significant mediator between their pandemic risk perceptions and their intention to wear face masks. Our study assists healthcare policymakers in developing strategies to encourage wearing face masks as part of infection prevention protocols. Policy makers can better understand the public’s factors that may increase their intention to wear a face mask during the COVID-19 pandemic by predicting the power of attitude, face mask cost, the pandemic risk perceptions, perceived benefits and face masks availability.


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