Factors Influencing the Preventive Health Behaviors and Mental Health among Type-II DM Patients at Upper North Region in Thailand


  • Kritsada Sarndhong School of medicine, University of Phayao
  • Thunyakorn Tonchonlakun Faculty of Science, Payap University


Health protective behaviors, Mental health, Diabetes Mellitus type 2


The dramatic increase in mental health problems is a common comorbidity in type-II diabetic DM (type 2) patients which if they lack of preventive health behaviors leads to severity of clinical consequence. Objective: The survey research aimed to study the preventive health behaviors and mental health of DM (type 2)  patients, to examine factors associated with the preventive health behaviors and mental health of DM (type 2)  patients and to examine factors associated with poor mental health of DM (type 2) patients. Methodology: Tools were the questionnaires on personal factors, the preventive health behaviors test developed by Numsri W.(2006) and the mental health test developed by the Department of Mental health. The reliability was 0.70 (KR-20) and 0.70 (Alpha coefficient), respectively. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Chi-square test and Pearson’s correlation was used to examine factors associated with the preventive health behaviors and mental health and also Binary logistic regression was used to analyze the data with a variable selection in Forward Stepwise (Likelihood Ratio: LR).  ResultsOverall, 52.98% of the subjects had high level of protective health behaviors and 47.8% of them had normal level of mental health. The significantly factors related to preventive health behaviors of DM (type 2) patients Iumien Tribe (non-Thai) and glycemic control (p< 0.05). There was the preventive health behaviors patients related to a mental health level of DM (type 2) as positive direction (r = 0.366) (p<0.01). Besides, the significantly factors related to mental health of DM (type 2) patients were ethnic group, marital status and duration of the disease (p< 0.05) as well as the factors relating poor mental health of DM (type 2) patients were Thai group, Unmarried patients (single/divorced/ widowed/ separated), duration of DM more than 6 years  and food control aspect ,which could predict poor mental health level of DM (type 2) patients for 34.5% (R2 = 0.345) and overall percentage of correct classification was 82.1%. Discussion:  Appropriately dietary control method should be supported by particularly unmarried Thai Type-II DM Patients with duration disease over 6 years in order to make their mental health better.  Another point, Should intensively promote a protective health behaviors into both Thai group and the group of inability controls the glucose level in order to avoid severity of clinical outcomes.


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