Coproduced Research in Health and Welfare with a Focus on Cooperation between Thailand and Sweden – a Scoping Review



Caring sciences, coproduction of research, public health, bilateral cooperation


Objectives: The aim of this scoping review was to explore coproduced research between Thailand and Sweden within the area of health and welfare, through identifying the origin of data collection, topics and methods of analysis, and the quantity and frequency of the collaboration based on the affiliations of the published articles.  Methods: The study design was based on principles for scoping review studies. A systematic literature search was conducted to identify research articles in the field of health and welfare starting from the first identified article up to and including 2018, in two databases, Scopus and Web of Science. A total of 116 articles were identified, of which 43 fulfilled the inclusion criteria and were included in the review. Results: The first of the studies found was published in 1993, but more than half of them have been published in the last five years. The data material came mainly from Thailand (n = 37 of 43). Several different study designs were applied, including qualitative (n = 21), quantitative (n = 18), and mixed methods (n = 3). A total of 40 different universities or research units, most of them situated in Thailand, participated in the coproduction, with three clear groupings of collaborating universities and research units in the two countries.  Conclusion: The review shows that there is a growing amount of research in the areas of health and welfare from a cooperation between research institutions in Thailand and Sweden.  However, Thailand is the main provider in the data collection.


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