The authors

1 The authors are responsible for conducting accurate and scientific-based reports following standard regulations in both methodology and statistical theories.

2 The authors must ensure that they have full authority in the entire submitted work. For some parts that cited or quoted from other works, the authors must ensure that they have properly gained permission where necessary.

3 It is required the authors to confirm that the submitted work has not heretofore been published in any other journals.

4 Authors must declare resources that related to submitted work both financial and non-financial support from any third party. At the time authors submit their works, they are responsible for recognizing and disclosing financial and other conflicts of interest that might bias their work.

5 Every manuscript submitted from authors should be checked and proofread by a native English speaker.


The reviewers

1 Contribution to editorial decisions

Peer reviewers assist the editors in making the decision of publishing a manuscript and also assist the author(s) in improving the quality of the manuscript by providing fair and constructive feedback on the manuscript to the editor in a timely manner.

2 Reviewers who feel that they are inadequately qualified to review the assigned manuscript must notify the editor to excuse themselves from the review process for the manuscript.

3 Confidentiality

Any manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents. The reviewers must not disclose any information about the submitted manuscript except authorized by the editors (who would only do so under exceptional and specific circumstances).

4 Standards of objectivity

Manuscript reviews should be conducted objectively. Personal criticism of the author(s) is inappropriate. Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting scientific-based or evidence-based arguments. The reviewers must alert the editor to any suspected malpractice, e.g. falsification and/or fabrication of data, or evidence of published or submitted content that is substantially similar to the manuscript under review.

5 Disclosure and conflicts of interest

The reviewers must not use any information obtained through peer review process for personal advantages. They must be aware of any potential conflict of interest between the reviewers and the authors.


The editors

1 Editor must evaluate each submitted manuscript with fairness, without regard to the authors’ citizenship, race, religious belief gender political philosophy or institutional affiliation

2 Editor must choose qualified specialized reviewers who match with the manuscript content without conflict of interest with the authors.

3 The editor must ensure the confidentiality of the submitted manuscript limited to peer review process only and must not allowed to be used for personal advantages.

4 The editors use a "double-blind" peer review process which neither the authors nor the reviewers know each other's identity. The editors make all best efforts to protect the identity of author(s) and reviewers throughout the review process.

5 The editor must ensure that a manuscript violating research ethical standards will not be published. 

6 Information or ideas obtained through peer review must not be used for personal advantage without permission from the author.