Successful management of Duane Retraction Syndrome type III with significant upshoot and concurrent superior rectus contracture.

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Rupini Yogesvaran
Fiona Lee Min Chew


Background: Duane Retraction Syndrome (DRS) Type III is an uncommon condition, which remains surgically challenging.

Objective: To report a rare case of DRS Type III with superior rectus (SR) contracture and its successful surgical management.

Method: Case - report

Results: A 31- year old gentleman presented to our clinic with abnormal head posture and double vision. On examination, he had right face turn. Left exotropia and hypertropia were noted. Adduction of the left eye revealed severe upshoot of the left eye and narrowing of the palpebral aperture. Limitation of left eye adduction, abduction and depression was noted. The patient was diagnosed with DRS type III with SR contracture which is very rare. He later underwent left eye Y-split lateral rectus recession with superior rectus recession for his condition

Results: Post-operatively, there was resolution of head posture and diplopia. The procedure improved patient’s ocular deviation, cosmetic appearance and functional ability.



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Case Report


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