Nontuberculous Mycobacterium Eyelid Infection after Cosmetic Blepharoplasty: a Case Report

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Gaanchisa Vongchaiyakit


Objective: To report nontuberculous mycobacterium eyelid infection after cosmetic blepharoplasty, which is found rarely.

Material and Methods: Case report

A case report of a 40-year-old Cambodian woman who came for examination with red, swollen lumps and slight pain on both eyelids after undergoing cosmetic blepharoplasty a month ago. The patient was immediately sent for incision and curettage.

Result: The pus was sent for culture and found that the germ was Mycobacterium abscessus. The patient was admitted to the hospital to give antibiotics and remove nonabsorbable sutures on the eyelid. After more than a month of treatment in the hospital, the patient was in better condition and was then discharged from the hospital. A month later, the red, swollen lump grew again on the right eyelid, the patient was sent to incision and curettage and was admitted again to adjust antibiotics doses. After the hospital admission, the patient was given a new dose of antibiotics and get better within a month. The patient was then released from the hospital and was followed up a month later. There were no abnormal symptoms, and the lumps were not found on the eyelid.

Conclusions: Nontuberculous mycobacterium eyelid infection after cosmetic blepharoplasty is rarely found. The symptom needs complex treatment because the bacteria grow slowly and respond to various medicines. It needs a long time to use medicines for the treatment. The incision and curettage and microbiological analysis at the first stage, as well as consulting infectious diseases specialists, help doctors process through the right way of treatment.


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