The Efficacy and Usefulness of Online Web Application Based Logbook for Ophthalmology Residents

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Navapol kanchanaranya


Background : Clinical logbooks are an important aspect of ophthalmology training. To overcome the inherent limitations of accessibility, adherence, lack of data validation and monitoring in physical logbooks. The authors developed and electronic logbook available for multiple platforms and tested its efficacy and usefulness.

Materials and Methods : The authors collaborated with professional mobile application developers to create an electronic logbook according to a pre-established set of goals of 1.Ensuring a standardized training program, 2.Permits supervisors monitoring of trainee’s progress and performance throughout the duration of training, 3.Applicable to educational settings with multiple sites and 4.The development of the logbook incorporates the perspectives of all users and stakeholders, and is adequately integrated into the user’s training program. The logbook was tested during October 2017-2018, then distributed for practical use between October 2018 – March 2019. 

Results : Forty-two volunteer logbook users were enrolled in this study, of which, 28 users (66.7%) are residents and 11 users (26.2%) are ophthalmology staffs and 3 users (7.1%) are educational administrators. At the end of the designated testing time, all participants responded to a 12component satisfaction questionnaire which was based on a checklist for successfully implementing logbooks into clinical training by K. SchuttpelzBrauns et al.. The questionnaire were 5 grading scale from the most satisfaction (5) to the least satisfaction (1). All the results were shown in full paper, which the authors also included the overall satisfaction of the logbook where 13 participants (30.9%) satisfied logbook the most, 18 participants (42.8%) were quite satisfied, 10 participants (23.8%) were in between, and 1 participant (2.3%) had the least satisfied into the logbook.

Conclusion : A web application based logbook has the advantages of ease of access and usage, monitoring and data presentation and a communication platform between residents and educational supervisor. All of which supports a training program which is capable of constant career and personal improvement and development.


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