A comparison of pterygium surgery recurrence rates after amniotic membrane grafting by vicryl versus nylon fixating sutures

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Wimolwan Tangpagasit



Objective: To examine the recurrence rate after pterygium excision with amniotic membrane grafting surgery comparing between Vicryl8/0 (fixation group) and Nylon10/0 (non fixation group).

Design: Prospective randomized study

Methods: A prospective study in pterygium patients undergone surgery randomized into Vicryl8/10 or Nylon10/0 suture techniques performed at Thammasat hospital during July 2014                  to April 2017.

The patient’s age, gender and risk factors for recurrence (occupation, history of previous pterygium surgery, size of the pterygium) were recorded in preoperative period and followed up for signs of pterygium recurrence at 1, 3, 6 months and 12 months postoperatively. The results were analysed by paired t-test. Recurrence and complication were observed until April 2017 and analysed by Chi-square test.

Results: There were 132 eyes of 132 patients included in this study (67 females and 65 males; age range of 21-75 years, mean 56.136 +/- 2(12.13) ). 66 eyes were operated with Vicryl fixed technique and 66 eyes without Vicryl fixed technique. The recurrence rate was 19.69% in Nylon group and 28.78% in the Vicryl group. The vicryl group had a higher recurrence rate than the nylon group (1.4 Odds Ratio). P=0.42 and 0.29 respectively. No serious complications were found in either group.



Conclusions: Fixation group (Vicryl technique) showed the recurrence rate of pterygium is significantly different compared with the non fixation group (Nylon technique) at 3 months (P=0.042) and 12 month (P=0.029).  Age, gender and outdoor activity were not found to be significant factors affecting the recurrence of pterygium.






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