Photo Challenge: An Educational Innovation to Stimulate Effective Learning in Ophthalmology

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Picha Thunpimon


Background:  The learning process in Ophthalmology emphasizes visual disease manifestations, which can be traced to aspects such as epidemiology, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations and management. However, contemporary teaching methods of lecturing are often insufficient for facilitating learning. Additionally, instructors find it difficult to evaluate the knowledge and understanding of students after lectures. 

Method: Fifteen residents from three years of training were randomized and divided into five groups to compete in a quiz and discuss different aspects of the disease depicted in the photo. Qualified ophthalmologist instructors score the team’s performance on quality and completion of discussion and provide feedback on the conformity, rationale and omissions of the discussion as a team.

Result: Ophthalmology residents participating in Photo Challenges favored the activity and benefited from engaging in the learning experiences as well as being given opportunities to practice clinical thinking processes by verbally approaching the clinical diagnosis from important findings and management of the disease. Instructors are able to assess their students’ degree of success in learning outcomes and provide instant feedback. 

Conclusion: Photo Challenge is an educational innovation is suitable for Ophthalmology learning and is effective for students to achieve learning outcomes as well as gain straightforward assessment from instructors. This teaching method can also be applicable to other studies where photographs are an important element in the learning process.

Keyword: Photo Challenge, medical education, educational innovation


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