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Bao Hong Tran


Purpose: To identify demographic and clinical characteristics, as well as treatment outcomes of pediatric uveitis at Ho Chi Minh city Eye Hospital in 2017.

Methods: Retrospective case series. We enrolled in this study 107 eyes from 94 patients <16 years of age, diagnosed with pediatric uveitis from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 at the HCM City Eye Hospital. Medical records are included in the study if sufficient information is available.

Results: Most patients were 6-10 years of age (42.6%), with no difference in gender. Main chief complaints were blurry vision (66%), pain (48.9%) and photophobia (19.1%), 30% had previous history of uveitis. 52.1% of patients were hospitalized >7 days after disease onset and 76.6% had no preliminary treatment. 86.2% of patients had unilateral uveitis, 51.4% had basement visual acuity <6/20. Idiopathic cause accounted for 76.6%, while pan-uveitis accounted for 52.1%. The most common symptoms were blurry vision (66%), redness (50%) and pain (20.2%); the most common signs were vitreous opacity (57.9%), conjunctival injection (47.7%) and anterior chamber cell (37.4%). About treatment characteristics, 90.4% used topical steroids, 70.2% used intraocular pressure lowering agents and 68.1% used topical NSAIDs; most patients did not gain visual acuity (63.6%). The most common complications are vitreous opacity (31.7%), secondary cataract (22.4%) and band keratopathy (17.6%).

Conclusion: Pediatric uveitis is a serious disease with complicated progress, easy recurrence and may cause irreversible vision loss while treatment process prolongs and requires patient compliance. Therefore, it is necessary to have subclinical test to optimize the diagnosis and treatment. It is important to promote patients to have early admission therefore avoiding sequelae of vision loss.

Conflicts of interest: The authors report no conflict of interest

Keywords: uveitis, uveitis in children, pediatric uveitis


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Bao Hong Tran, School of Medicine - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city Department of Ophthalmology

Lecturer, Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city


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