Visual Acuity Improvement in Bilateral Massive Corneal Scars Following The Use of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens.

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Visual Acuity Improvement in Bilateral Massive Corneal Scars Following The Use of Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens.


Corneal scarring often results in impaired visual acuity due to irregular astigmatism inadequately corrected with spectacles. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens offers a practical, less invasive, and less expensive alternative to surgery in negating the irregular astigmatism of eyes with corneal scars.

Case description

A 40-year old female presented with blurred vision of both eyes since a year ago and history of recurrent redness on both eyes. Her uncorrected visual acuities were 6/30 (right eye) and 6/15 (left eye). There were multiple scars with vascularization on bilateral corneas without active signs of inflammation. A trial was performed using a tisilfocon A lens with base curve 8.40 mm (right eye) and 7.60 mm (left eye), power S-4.00D and diameter 9.20 mm. Overrefraction with the trial lens could determine the final power and the visual acuities achieved was 6/15 (right eye) and 6/7.5 (left eye).


With proper fitting, RGP CL can be a treatment option in improving the visual acuity for patients with corneal scars, thus helping to further delay surgical treatment and improve patient’s quality of life.

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The authors have no financial interest in the subject matter of this case report.


Rigid gas permeable contact lens, corneal scars, irregular astigmatism, irregular cornea, contact lens fitting


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