Epithelial Inclusion Conjunctival Cyst After Strabismus Surgery- A Rare Occurrence

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Rongsheng Kee
Wan Azura, Dr
Fiona Lee Min Chew, Dr


Background: Epithelial inclusion conjunctival cysts are a rare occurrence post strabismus surgery. These cysts if left untreated can enlarge and cause complications such as limitation of eye movements, strabismus, proptosis and compression of ocular structures. Here we present a case of epithelial inclusion cyst post routine medial rectus recession, which was successfully treated with surgical excision.

 Methods: Case Report

 Results: A 4-year old Malay girl with partially accommodative esotropia underwent uneventful bilateral medial rectus recession. Post-operatively 4 months later, she developed nasal conjunctival mass of her right eye. The conjunctival mass was unresponsive to topical steroids and surgical excision was performed. Histopathological examination confirmed the mass as epithelial inclusion cyst.

 Conclusion: Prompt diagnosis and management of epithelial inclusion cyst is crucial to prevent subsequent ocular complications.


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