Premium toric IOLs outcomes in visual acuity and rotational stability after implantation in cataract patients

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Wimolwan Tangpagasit
Suthanee Sonthirathi



Objective: To evaluate the visual acuity, refraction and rotational stability after cataract surgery with implantation of toric intraocular lenses (IOLs)

Design: Retrospective descriptive study

Material and Methods: Patients with corneal astigmatism undergoing cataract surgery with implantation of toric IOLs 677TA were reviewed. The uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA), best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and residual refraction were evaluated at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months postoperatively. The rotational axis of toric IOLs were assessed at 6 and 12 months postoperatively.


The mean uncorrected visual acuity decreased from 0.79 logMAR (range 0.18 to 3.00 logMAR, SD = 0.62) to 0.16 logMAR (range 0.00 to 0.54 logMAR, SD = 0.18) in the first month after the surgery. The mean refractive astigmatism decreased from -1.96 (range –3.75 to -0.50 D, SD = 1.09) to -1.22 D (range -3.50 to -0.25 D, SD = 0.83) in the first month. The UCVA, BCVA and refractive astigmatism values were stable during the 1-year follow-up. Intraoperative to 6 months and 1 year postoperative comparison of IOL axis alignment showed a mean of 10.11 degrees (range -17 to +29 degrees, SD = 7.58) and 10.82 degrees (range -22 to 29 degrees, SD = 8.28) respectively.



The toric IOLs 677TA implantation is the good options to correct preexisting astigmatism in cataract surgery.

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