Choroidal melanoma in a young patient.

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Yihui Goh
Sujaya Singh, Dr
Nurul Akmar Misron, Dr
Wan Zalina M. Zain, Dr


Background:  To report a case of choroidal melanoma in a young Asian lady.

Case Report: A 36 year-old healthy Malay lady presented with left eye progressive, painless, decreasing vision over a year with new onset of excruciating eye pain. Left eye examination showed no light perception, conjunctival chemosis, cornea edema and total hyphema with no fundus view. Intraocular pressure was 42mmHg. B scan ultrasonography revealed retinal detachment with subretinal mass. Right eye was normal. Systemic examination and investigations were unremarkable. Blood investigations including tumour markers were normal. Magnetic resonance imaging of orbits was suggestive of choroidal melanoma with retrobulbar extension. Left eye enucleation was performed and histopathology was consistent with choroidal melanoma. The patient remains under close follow-up with no evidence of recurrence or metastasis.

Conclusion: Although predominantly a disease in elderly, choroidal melanoma needs to be suspected in younger patients with intraocular lesion.

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Case Report
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Sujaya Singh, Dr, University of Malaya

Lecturer and Cornea Consultant

Ophthalmology Department

University of Malaya Medical Centre

Nurul Akmar Misron, Dr, Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital


Department of Pathology

Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital

Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia

Wan Zalina M. Zain, Dr, Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital

Oculoplastic Consultant,

Department of Ophthalmology,

Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital,

Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia.


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