Join us as a reviewer for EyeSEA!  

Fill in this form to help the EyeSEA Editorial team create a database of reviewers for the journal! 

Alternatively, you can share the link to this form to other ophthalmologists that may be interested in joining as a reviewer to provide their details here:  

Reviewers should be willing to commit to a 2 week deadline when requested for review and may be contacted to review two articles per year.   

There are no financial incentives awarded for reviewers, although we credit our reviewers in the Editorial board pages of every issue of EyeSEA and our website 

Reviewers must be a fully qualified ophthalmologist and preferably is a sub-specialist or has an interest in a certain sub-specialty field     


The EyeSEA Website has been completely updated a new layout to modernize and simplify the user interface - anyone with previous logins should be able to login using your existing usernames and passwords   It is necessary to register on the website in order to submit articles for publishing in EyeSEA or take part in the review / editorial process.    


Please find the new  EyeSEA website user's manual we have created for your reference in registering / submitting articles / responding to review feedback   we have selected the pages relevant for you, trimming the manual down to 16 pages, the original manual is also available for your reference.