Factors Associated with Influenza Prevention Behaviors among Prisoners in Phitsanulok Province


  • Klinram Thodsoongnern คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยนเรศวร
  • Yuwayong Juntarawijit
  • Supaporn Naewbood


Health Belief Model, Influenza prevention behaviors, Influenza, Prisoners


This descriptive research was to study factors associated with influenza prevention behaviors among prisoners in Phitsanulok  Province , based on Health  Belief  Model concept. The sample was 404 prisoners aged 20 and over. The simple random sampling was used to select the subjects. The research instrument was a questionnaire developed by the researcher.  The questionnairess were tested for the content validity by five experts, the IOC between 0.6-1. The reliability of  knowledge, using KR 20,  was  0.9 and Health Belief Model  and  Prevention behavior sections ,using Cronbach’s Alpha,  were  0.74 - 0.86.  The data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, Point-biserial correlation, and the Spearman’s rank-order correlation at the .05 level of significance The results indicated that underlying disease and knowledge of influenza correlated with influenza prevention behaviors were statistically significant (rp= -.108, p< .05, rs =.190 ,  p< .001), respectively. The result found that Individual perception included perceived barriers of the prevention against Influenza; perceived benefits of the prevention against Influenza; perceived severity of Influenza; perceived susceptibility of Influenza; and Cue to action that will lead to effective measures for the prevention against Influenza.were statistically significant associated to influenza prevention behaviors  (rs= .391, .368, .304, .252, .470, p< .05), respectively.


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