Weight Loss Program for Overweight and Obese Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: Systemic Review


  • Umaporn Hanrungcharotorn
  • Intira Pakanta
  • Worawan Tipwareerom


Systematic review, Weight reduction, Knee Osteoarthritis


This study was a systematic review to summarize the knowledge of weight reduction program for overweight/obese patients with knee osteoarthritis and to assess the knowledge utilization in Thai context. The key words, for searching in CINHAL, Ovid, PubMed, Scopus, Open Grey, ThaiLis databases published between 1998-2017, were "Knee osteoarthritis" and "Weight control" and "Intervention" both in English and Thai language. Hand searching was also done. Principal investigator (PI) selected the evidence following the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Evidence extraction and appraisal were conducted by two investigators independently, following the criteria of Joanna Brigg Institution (JBI, 2014). Disagreement between the investigators were discussed, and the third investigator was asked for the appraisal. One hundred and seventy-eight research articles were found, and only 12 of them were remained after assessing the repetition, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and research quality. The results showed that all the evidences were done in foreign countries. The evidences were randomized control trials (RCT); and were classified in 1C. The periods of programs were between 2-18 months. The programs had 3 strategies which were 1) diet control only, 2) exercise only, and 3) integrated diet control and exercise. The strategies were conducted with other strategies; for example, health education, goal setting, self-regulation, counselling, etc. The integrated diet control and exercise strategies were effective in reducing body weight (BW) more than the others. The retention rate of diet control program was higher than exercise program. However, exercise program had the benefit of preventing muscle mass reduction due to prolonged diet control. Therefore, overweight/obese patients with knee osteoarthritis should receive the suggestion to control energy from food and to do exercises. If they used rigorous low-energy diet control, the side effects should be followed up.


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