Effectiveness of using a vaccine wheel to reduce time for selecting vaccines for adults in the vaccination center of a private hospital in Rayong Province


  • Attapon Kaewta Faculty of Public Health, Burapha University
  • Anamai Thetkathuek Faculty of Public Health, Burapha University
  • Srirat Lormphongs Faculty of Public Health, Burapha University




vaccine wheel, adult vaccine, vaccination service


The objectives of this research are to design and invent vaccine wheels for adults, compare and determine the proper period of time for vaccine selection of each vaccine pre and post-implementation of vaccine wheel, and to make an assessment of satisfaction of the staff at the vaccination center of a private hospital in Rayong Province after the implementation of the vaccine wheel for adults. The group of samples includes 41 nurses and nursing assistants, with females making up the vast majority of the participants (n=40) and with an average age of 33.43 years old. The research tools include the questionnaire for collection of demographic information, the assessment on the duration for vaccine selection and on the satisfaction of implementation of vaccine wheel for adults and the vaccine wheel for adults itself. The wheel consists of 4 parts, i.e., 3 different vaccine wheels each covering risks by occupational groups, health conditions, and age; and 1 vaccine sheet with a list of vaccines for data interpretation purposes. To determine the right vaccine for each adult client, users are supposed to turn each wheel to match one of those three factors. Following the implementation of adult vaccine wheels, it was found that the duration of searching and giving recommendations before and after the implementation of the vaccine wheel for adults with underlying medical conditions were 22.24 min (SD=2.31) and 7.81 min (SD=1.47), respectively; and 17.76 min (SD=1.17) and 7.38 min (SD=1.32), respectively, for clients without underlying medical conditions. The overall average duration, before and after the implementation of the vaccine wheel for adults were 20.00 min (SD=1.39) and 7.59 min (SD=1.13), respectively. The comparison of the time used to select the right vaccine prior to and after the implementation of the vaccine wheel indicated that after the implementation of the vaccine wheel the time used for vaccine selection significantly decreased with statistical significance of 0.05 for all 3 domains. After the implementation of the vaccine wheel, the average duration was decreased by 12.41 min (95% CI; 11.92, 12.89). Overall, the sample group was highly satisfied with the implementation of the vaccine wheel for adults.


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