The Management for surveillance, prevention and control of COVID-19 a case study of a state quarantine in Samut Prakan Province


  • Wallapa Srisupap Office of Disease Prevention and Control, Region 6 Chonburi
  • Thaniya Saensri Office of Disease Prevention and Control, Region 6 Chonburi



The Management for COVID-19, State Quarantine, Samut Prakan Province


The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in the Thai government declaring a national state of emergency. All Thai nationals returning from abroad are required to quarantine in the State Quarantine (SQ) for 14 days according to the guidelines set by the state. The objectives of this descriptive research were to study the management of surveillance, prevention and control of COVID-19. A case study of a SQ in Samut Prakan Province. The quantitative data were collectred from registered records of 1,658 persons staying in SQ during during 3rd May 2020 to 30th September 2020 and satisfaction assessment on September 2020. Qualitative data were collected via in-depth interview from the incident commander and small group discussion with 2-3 supervisors and operators persons, and 4 health workers in each group, total of 16 persons. The quantitative data were analyzed by percentage, while qualitative data using the data triangular and content data analysis. The results demonstated 1) the SQ consists of 5 divisions as follows: administration, prevention and control, medical care, security, and general affairs, 2) the hotel staffs were trained in disease prevention and control while health officers from DDC will be the main in giving advice and supervise in compliance with the surveillance measures, 3) there were preparations for places, materials, and personal protective equipment for both of staff and quarantined person. The results of surveillance showed 24 infected cases (1.4%), of these 19 cases came from Kuwait. 83.8% of quarantined person reported the highest level of satisfaction. The key success factor lies in having a clear SQ management structure, the staffs have a strong performance, there were an exchange of knowledge between each other, information was communicated to person staying continuously with a variety of formats and flexibility in standard supervision and management. However, there should be screening for those with underlying illnesses before checking into SQ, including monitoring surveillance among SQ officers.


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