Effectiveness of ergonomic management program combined with Maneevej exercise technique to reduce pain from work-related musculoskeletal disorder among hospital personnel in Phrae hospital, Thailand


  • Piyachat Deesuwan Department of occupational medicine, Phrae hospital




effectiveness, ergonomic management program, Maneevej exercise technique, work-related musculoskeletal disorder, pain score, Regular Maneevej practice, Irregular Maneevej practice


Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are important health problems among hospital personnel. This study was a non-randomized controlled trial and aimed to assess the effectiveness of ergonomic management program combined with Maneevej exercise technique in terms of pain score improvement comparing samples who practiced regular Maneevej exercise and others who practiced irregularly. Sixty-two personnel of Phrae hospital who had worked-related disorders were recruited from nutrition section, central distribution unit, dental department and pharmaceutical department. All of them obtained the ergonomic management program together with practicing Maneevej exercise technique. The results showed that 29 samples (46.8%) applied Maneevej exercise regularly and 33 samples (53.2%) applied Maneevej exercise irregularly. The pain scores were measured at two and four months after launching such program. The results showed that the pain score was decreased in both regular and irregular Maneevej practice group. Regular Maneevej practice could reduce the worst pain score significantly compared with those of the irregular group (mean diff=0.24, 95%CI=0.43, -0.04, p=0.017) and it also reduced the current pain score (mean diff=0.30, 95%CI=0.48, -0.11, p=0.002) compared with the current pain score of the irregular group. These findings suggested that the Maneevej practice is value to combine with ergonomic management program in order to relieve pain from work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


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