Health impact on off-season longan production of farmers in Ban Hong district, Lamphun province


  • Samart Jitae Faculty of Science and Technology, Chiang Mai Rajabhat University



health impact, off-season longan, farmer


The purposes of this mixed methods research were to study health impact of off-season longan production on farmers and predicting factors affecting farmers’ health as well as to develop a guideline on resolving the health impact of off-season longan production. The sample of this research were 303 farmers who live in Ban Hong district, Lamphun province and 12 stakeholders. The data were collected through questionnaires, non-structured interview, and stakeholder participatory workshop. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, multiple linear regression analysis and content analysis. The results indicated that health impact of off-season longan production was high (mean = 3.9). However, size of off-season longan plantation (2019–2020) and biological substance used by farmer were significantly positively and negatively correlated with the health impact (p–value=<0.001 and <0.001, respectively). The stakeholders have made recommendations to support the biological substance utilization activity and the perception of ergonomic activity, to create a migrant worker management system and to promote new agricultural innovation perception.


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