Investigation of Pleural Thickening due to Exposure to Asbestos in Factory at Thoongsong District, Nakornsrithmmarat Provinc

  • พนมพันธ์ ศิริวัฒนานุกุล Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Diseases, Department of Disease Control
Keywords: Asbestos, Pleural Thickening


This investigation aimed at determining prevalence rate and the associated factors of pleural thickening due to exposure to asbestos. A cross-sectional survey was conducted during November 2005 among 9 patients and 31 controls at this study area. Data were collected by interview questionnaire, walk-through survey, and total dust measurements in the working environment. Totally 40 workers were participated in the study (9 cases and 31 controls). All of the participants were men. Results showed that the prevalence rates of pleural thickening due to exposure to asbestos were 6.12 percents, and almost of case were men who had the ages more over 50 years, graduated lower than secondary school, worked in this factory more than 25 years, no underlying diseases, worked in asbestos bag open depart, mixed asbestos, rod mil, stripping and mold, exposed to asbestos before 1990 and smoked more than 20 years. Factors which were statistical significantly associated with pleural thickening due to exposure to asbestos were history of exposed asbestos before 1990, exposure time to asbestos more than 20 years, changed department, and worked in pack depart, rod mil depart and stripping and mold depart. The total dust concentration in the workplace, however, was well within the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standard level. In conclusion, this study has showed that work-related asthma and allergy were also problems among ceramic paper workers in Thailand and need attention from concerning authorities.


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