Tuberculosis of Bone at Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute

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Keywords: Tuberculosis Of Bone, Bamrasnaradura Infrctious Diseases Institute


Retrospective chart review of tuberculosis of bone was done at Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute from October 2006 to September 2011. There were 2,112 cases of Pulmonory TB, 766 cases of Extra-pulmonory TB and 11 cases of TB bone (1.4% of Extra-pulmonory TB). The mean age of TB bone patients was 51 years. The risk factors were aging > 60 years 4 cases (36.4%), Diabetes Mellitus, 2 cases (18.2%), the history of previous TB 2 cases (18.2%) and HIV co-infection 4 cases (36.4%). The most frequent symptom was back pain (90.9%), paraplegia was found in 3 cases and no constitutional symptom was found in all cases, The mean durations of illness was 4.2 months, the most frequent anatomical location was lumbar (90.0%). Magnetic resonance imaging represented tuberculosis of bone in all case. Abscess formation at adjacent tissue was found in 5 cases (45.5%). Guided-needle biopsy from the affected site was done in 4 cases (36.4%). Results of treatment cure rate was 8 cases in 11 cases (72.7%). The purpose of this study was to remind clinicians to be aware of tuberculosis of bone in patients presenting with back pain in particular in those with risk factors for early diagnosis and early treatment to prevent consequent serious complication


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