Data system for surveillance of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related risk factors in Thailand during 2010-2015

  • อรรถเกียรติ กาญจนพิบูลวงศ์ Center of Policy and Strategy Development for NCD control, Bureau of Non-Communicable Disease
  • ภัทระ แสนไชยสุริยา Faculty of Public Health, Khonkaen University
  • สุพัตรา ศรีวณิชชากร Department of Disease Control
Keywords: surveillance, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, risk factor, Thailand


This study has collected the data from ranges of related data and interviewing health personnel working in health care service and information system at different levels to describe the existing surveillance of the diseases and risk factors in Thailand during year 2010-2015 corresponding to NCD global strategies. The reviewed database was categorized into 5 groups including death certificate, hospital or health care service, survey, program response, and non-health sectors. Death certificate is the main system to monitor mortality but the accuracy of diagnosing causes of death still need improvement especially chronic diseases such as NCDs. There are 2 major health service-based data systems available including 43-electronic file and Universal Health Coverage data, however the problem in transferring data still needs to be solved. There were several NCD related national surveys; 12-population database and one health service database. Among those surveys, only 3 surveys have been commonly used for situation monitoring namely the survey of National Statistic Office, National Health Exam Survey and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System. Nonetheless, the different definitions of indicators, representability in different population levels and conducting surveys in the same year have limited fully utilizing indicators. Monitoring the processes of prevention and control measures and other related determinants, social environment and economics, from non-health sectors are also crucial to systematize the complicated NCD surveillance but they have just been considered and promoted. Integration of multiple data sources including death certificate, health service, risk factor and behaviors, social and environment and health literacy should be done with emphasizing the high coverage, quality and representativeness at both national and provincial levels. The surveillance system and networks in non-health sectors should be developed and strengthened to cover major groups of population such as school and workplace. Furthermore, capacity building in terms of human, networks, tools and systems should be focused in parallel to support more effective surveillance system.


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