Generalized enamel hypoplasia in a dog: a case report


  • Issarin Sittijarusub
  • Panithi Sukho
  • Patchamon Supannawapat
  • Namphung Suemanotham


Enamel hypoplasia, Restorative dentistry, Dog


A one-year-old, spayed female Welsh Corgi dog referred to the dental and oral clinic with chief complaint of apparent pitted, rough teeth surfaces, stained a tan to dark brown color. The dog was diagnosed with diffused enamel hypoplasia with no evidence of endodontic disease or malformation of tooth root. A restorative procedure with nanohybrid composite resin was performed. After treatment, the dog showed a good outcome with a smooth tooth surface, restorative material replaced to cover the previous defect and no evidence of pain or discomfort. Even though enamel hypoplasia is a rare, this condition remains an important problem that can lead to severe problems of dental status in the future. This is the first report of generalized enamel hypoplasia in a canine clinical case at Prasu-Arthorn Animal Hospital, the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the Mahidol University with treatment and a 20 months follow up.




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Sittijarusub, I. ., Sukho, P. ., Supannawapat, P. ., & Suemanotham, N. . (2021). Generalized enamel hypoplasia in a dog: a case report. The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 51(2), 375–385. Retrieved from



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