A novel custom-made external fixator for treating femur fractures in goats


  • Hsu-Hsun Lee
  • Ting-Sheng Lin
  • Lee-Shuan Lin
  • Cheng-Shu Chung
  • Shyh-Shyan Liu
  • Huan-Yu Hsu
  • Ching-Hou Ma
  • Jai-Wei Lee


Custom-made external fixator, femur fracture, goats, osteosynthesis


External fixation is commonly used to treat long bone fractures in goats. It provides good enough stabilization on fractures to improve healing, minimizes soft tissue injury and only causes mild obstruction of the blood supply around the wounds. However, the large size and heavy weight of traditional external fixators (TEFs) cause them leave something to be desired. In this study, the feasibility of a novel custom-made external fixator (CMEF) for treating femoral fractures in goats was evaluated. Three one-year-old Anglo-Nubian female goats were subjected to experimental femoral fractures to their left femur with a CMEF installed for fixation. To evaluate the recovery status, radiological images and gait pattern were analyzed. In gait analysis, the subjects could bear weight in leash walking in the tenth week post-surgery. Radiological examination revealed that all goats could recover well before 12 weeks after surgery. In conclusion, CMEF is considered to be a practicable choice for repairing femur fractures in goats.




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Lee, H.-H. ., Lin, T.-S. ., Lin, L.-S. ., Chung, C.-S. ., Liu, S.-S. ., Hsu, H.-Y. ., Ma, C.-H. ., & Lee, J.-W. . (2021). A novel custom-made external fixator for treating femur fractures in goats. The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 51(2), 363–368. Retrieved from https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/tjvm/article/view/249241



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