Association of LOC101800257 gene with eggshell color in Leizhou black duck


  • Kun Zou
  • Jun-teng Huang
  • Aamir Nawab
  • Li-li Lu
  • Hong-yan Cui
  • Shao-wei Zhang
  • Yuan Xue
  • Ying Su


Eggshell color, expression pattern, Leizhou black duck, LOC101800257, SNP


LOC101800257 is a newly screened gene associated with eggshell color. The aim of this study was to explore
association of LOC101800257 with eggshell color in Leizhou black duck. The real-time quantitative Polymerase Chain
Reaction (RT-qPCR) was performed for expression pattern of LOC101800257 in the liver, oviduct and uterus of Leizhou
black duck. The highest expression level of LOC101800257 was found in the liver and nearly no expression in other
tissues. There were significant differences (P<0.05) in the expression between blue shell ducks (BSD) and white shell
ducks (WSD) in the liver. There was fluctuation in the general expression of LOC101800257 from 27 to 59 weeks in the
liver, with a significant turning point reported at 43 weeks. In addition, Polymerase Chain Reaction-Single Strand
Conformation Polymorphism (PCR-SSCP) was used to detect the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) of
LOC101800257. Two SNPs were identified in LOC101800257 (c.1406A>G and c.1642+16A>G) and both SNPs showed
extensive genetic polymorphisms and were in Hardy-Weinberg non-equilibrium, and the GGGG combined genotypes
were significantly correlated with the eggshell color (P<0.05). The above results suggested LOC101800257 may be
involved in regulation of eggshell color through its function in the liver, and the GGGG combined genotype can serve
as a novel genetic maker for eggshell color.


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Zou, K., Huang, J.- teng, Nawab, A., Lu, L.- li, Cui, H.- yan, Zhang, S.- wei, Xue, Y., & Su, Y. (2019). Association of LOC101800257 gene with eggshell color in Leizhou black duck. The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 49(2), 147–154. Retrieved from



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