Caring in School-Age Children with HIV/AIDS at Home by Caregiver


  • Punnapa Srimuang
  • Jintana Tangvoraphonkchai


home care, school-age children with HIV/AIDS, caregiver


In this descriptive study, the author explored caring situation and conditioning factors involving incaring for HIV/AIDS school-aged children at home by caregivers. The key informants were10 caregivers of HIV/AIDS school-aged children. Data were collected using in-depth interview, focus group discussion, and participant observation. Content analysis was used to analyze data. Results showed six themes: Daily routine hygienic care. prevention of infection and HIV transmission, abnormal symptoms caring, psychosocial care, look for caring network. Conditioning factors of care were: health status of the HIV/AIDS children and caregivers, the potential for caring of the caregiver and children, their family fnancial situation, their relationship in family, the home care service by health care personnel. This fndings suggestion for development models of home care giving focusing on participation of home caregivers and involved health care personnel in order to best meet the needs of the all people involving in the specifc context of HIV/AIDS child home care.


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