Psychosocial status among mothers of children with chronic lung disease

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Natthanit Thongsamrit
Parichawan Chandarasiri


Background : Mothers of children with chronic lung disease that require effort and dedication in caring for their child can have problems in many systems of the body. This qualitative research is to know the emotional perception of the mothers. Healing retreats from this knowledge might help relieve the suffering of the mother.

Objective : To study the psychosocial status of mothers of children with chronic lung disease.

Design : Qualitative research with in-depth interview.

Setting : King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital.

Materials and Methods : In total, 10 mothers of children with chronic lung disease in the care of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital. The psychosocial status, consisting of 3 aspects namely :

1) effects that have occured ;

2) perceptions of their own inner strengths for solving problems ;

3) resources of support of their children, and access to health services from the beginning of children’s illness that required treatments and care at the hospital.

Results : The study found impacts on the mothers included :

1) physical, ;

2) psychological from the perception that child is ill; the decision to have tracheostomy and endotracheal intubation and child care;

3) social aspects; and

4) economic factors.

As for the perception of inner strengths of the mother, most of them were optimistic that their children were still with them. As for social supports, they found their family and close friends accountable, i.e., having someone who gave them morale support, having family members helping them from the moment they learnt about the diagnosis and throughout the treatment. Nevertheless. they still need the following: 1) better care for the children; 2) sharing of the empathy :and, 3) more information.

Conclusion : The results of this study provided deeper understanding of the problems and effect that occur to mothers of children with chronic lung disease. Psychosocial conditions of the mothers of children with chronic lung disease, i.e., physical, psychological and other problem that can happen at any time from the moment they recognize that children had the illness, and throughout the treatment; most mother learn to adapt by seeing their own inner strength and supports that they received from their family, close friends and healthcare team.

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