Prevalence and associated factors of low back pain among motorcycle taxi drivers in Sriracha

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Nahatai Jongprasitkul
Komwudh Konchalard
Kunakorn Sinthoppong


Background : Low back pain (LBP) is a common disorder associated with muscle and the skeleton structure. It is also generally found in all age groups and professions. LBP also affects the financial loss in society and activity of daily living. Motorcycle taxi drivers (MTD) are mainly focused in the study because it is one of the most common careers which tends to grow rapidly in the future. There is no study in this topic before.

Objective : To determine the prevalence and associated factors of low back pain among the motorcycle taxi drivers in Sriracha District, Chonburi, Thailand.

Setting : Sriracha District, Chonburi, Thailand.

Design : A Cross-sectional descriptive study

Material and Methods : Questionnaires were constructed and distributed to 120 MTDs in Sriracha. The questionnaires covered the general demographic conditions, and the Thai version of Oswestry. The data were
collected and interpreted via t – test, F – Test, least significant difference (LSD) and Chi-square test.

Results : The prevalence of low back pain was 58.3 %. The risk factors were described: individual risk (genders, ages, and weights), work-related factors (working hours and work type) and healthrelated factors (ongoing medical issues, smoking habit, alcohol consumption, injury/surgery on the back, sleeping pattern). The statistical significance was less than 0.05.

Conclusions : Motorcycle taxi drivers in Sriracha had the prevalence of low back pain around 58.3 %, in which the individual risk factors, workrelated factors and health-related factors were involved. In addition, there were no difference in disability scores between full-time and part-time job.

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