Cosmetic surgery trend and related factors of female high schools students in Bangkok

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Rosporn Bubphasiri
Buranee Kanchanatawan


Background : Nowadays, there is an increasing number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed on the adolescent because of their passion in physical beauty. The group of female students in Patumwan Bangkok School who have just turned to early adulthood is grown by the civil factors. They will be a new comer in the university, their new world which might change the way they look in the further. There is still a question on the persuasive factors which may lead the individual trends to undertake cosmetic surgery.

Objectives : To assess the trends of undertaking cosmetic surgery, measures of self-esteem as well as the factors affecting the decision to take cosmetic surgery ingrade 12th female students in Patumwan Bangkok School.

Methods : Two hundred and eighty female students who were studying high school at Patumwan, Bangkok; from January to February, 2016 were recruited by a simple random sampling method. All of them completed the questionnaire about individual information, The Maudsley Personality Inventory MPI, Rosenberg Self Esteem
Scale (RSES) and questions on the trend to take cosmetic surgery. All data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, t-test, One-way ANOVA and stepwise multiple linear regression analysis.

Results : Greater likelihood of undergoing cosmetic surgery (66.4%) as moderate level as self-esteem scores (63.3%) Related factors with statistical significance to grade 12th female students in Patumwan Bangkok School included the kind of media at 0.001 level, program of study and body satisfaction at the level 0.05. Stepwise regression analysis showed two major predictors for likelihood: kind of media and program of study with a predictive value of 12.5%

Conclusion : The findings of the current study show moderate rating of undergoing cosmetic surgery and self-esteem in grade 12th female students at Patumwan Bangkok School. The trends of taking cosmetic surgery are not defined as they have a low selfesteem. In principle, every coin has two sides; this is also applicable to cosmetic surgery. One should get through all sides of cosmetic surgery. Nothing is more important than knowing how one feels and thinks about oneself.

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