Prevalence of nomophobia among Thai undergraduate students using smartphones in public university

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Shewarat Prasan
Sarunya Hengpraprom
Napakkawat Buathong
Thanapoom Rattananupong


Background : The effects of using smartphones are rising. Nomophobia, the fear of being out of smartphones contact, occurs among young people. Related research are also limited in Thailand. While many countries have already studied widely in this issue.

Objective : To investigate the prevalence of nomophobia among undergraduate students in Thailand.

Methods : Data were collected using questionnaires to assess nomophobia from 3,045 Thai undergraduate students, who were selected using multi-stage sampling method from 9 public Thai universities. Data analysis used
Chi-square statistics.

Results : The results revealed 99.5% of undergraduate students had nomophobia. Most of them have moderate symptoms (60.6%). Symptoms appear most prominently, The samples feel anxious when a family or friends couldn’t contact with them. Games are popular programs downloaded (98.5%). People played games when they were tired and lonely (P < 0.05).

Conclusion : It should be taken seriously to prevent nomophobia which, if severe, may lead to psychiatric symptoms.

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