Hair transplantation

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Poonpissamai Suwajo
Pornthep Pungrasmi
Ratchathorn Panchaprateep
Sahathat Haetanurak


The causes of a hair loss or bald head, often found in both men and women, diversity: hereditary and rogenetic alopecia. A study in Thailand showed that the prevalence of hair loss increased in accordance with age: it was found in 34% of 50 year old men and 67.7% of 80 year old men. Other causes of hair fall are skin diseases, accident and scar. This condition has minimal effect on physical health yet a lot more on mental one, resulting stress, loss of
confidence, and sociability. The current treatments include medication, laser comb and hair transplant which is the supplement of traditional plastic surgery. It has been developed continuously. Current hair transplant technique provides a satisfactory result, natural look with high safety profile because of biological and physiological characteristics of hair are well studied as well as modern surgical technique. The keys to success in hair transplantation are proper selection of graft, graft density, selected transplant area, recipient and donor site. The
next step of development is based on the surgery without scar and cell therapy.

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