Effect of chronic APAP treatment on alterations of astrocytes

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Nutnicha Tantarungsee
Thananya Thongtan
Supang Maneesri – le Grand


Background : During the last decade, a number of evidence have indicated adverse effects of paracetamol even at the therapeutic dose in several systems including the central nervous system.

Objectives : To investigate the effect of long-term use of chronic paracetamol on cell death and the ultrastructure alterations of astrocytes.

Methods : Astrocyte (C8-D1A) were treated with paracetamol at the concentration of 100 uM for 24 h, 16 and 28 days. The numbers of cell death and the ultrastructure alterations of astrocytes were monitored in the paracetamoltreated cells compare with control cells.

Results : Paracetamol treatment of 24 h had no effect on alterations of astrocytes, while the paracetamol treatment of 16 and 28 days could increase the numbers of astrocytic cell death than those observed in the control.
The structural analysis clearly demonstrated the abnormality of nucleus, nuclear membrane, rough endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria in the paracetamol-treated cells when compared to those in the control.

Conclusion : The long-term use of paracetamol could induce cell death and alter the ultrastructure of astrocyte cells.

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