Death acceptance

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Lanchasak Akkayagorn


As we generally know about death, that is something that we cannot avoid and most of the time unpredictably or difficult to face with at anytime in our lives. Many people including medical scientists have been spending time against it or prevent it while many of them have been trying to deal with it to promote quality of living until it happens. Death acceptance has been talked and researched in many ways to get more insight, i.e., how to understand the person living with terminal and life-limiting illnesses together with death anxiety manifestations.
Even though there are process and meaning of death acceptance considering improving the quality of understanding and care approaches, still some meaning left out from Western Medicine’s point of view that could be found fortunately in Oriental Medicine and especially in Buddhist principle that create a new practical process of understanding and promoting death acceptance from direct experience of the author as palliative care physician and Vipassana meditation practitioner. Four universal elements, 3 ultimate truth characteristics and 3 Kramas in Buddhist principle create the new practical process of understanding and promoting death acceptance.

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