Occupational safety and health of clinical laboratories.

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Chalermrat Meyoutam
Pornchai Sithisarankul


Background : Clinical laboratory room is a risky area of the hospital. Wherein, many hazardous materials that have impacts on the health of the workers. In addition, medical laboratories are also prone to accidents than other areas due to unsafe working conditions and the use of complex equipment. This has potentiality to destroy the lives and properties.

Objectives : To explore occupational safety and health of clinical laboratories and investigate safety and emergency response knowledge of clinical laboratory workers.

Methods : Data were collected using questionnaires to assess the knowledge of safety and emergency responses of 146 clinical laboratory workers and walking through survey to assess occupational safety and health of                12 clinical laboratories. Data analysis used Fisher’s exact test statistics.

Results : The results revealed 50.7% of clinical laboratory workers had low level of safety and emergency response knowledge. Age, work position, education level, and work duration were associated with safety knowledge and
behavior of clinical laboratory personnel (P < 0.05). Walk-through surveys revealed that the majority of hazard was biological hazard and ergonomic hazard. The risk assessment of all process is low to moderate. Among clinical laboratories, the lowest in safety and health conditions was Pathology Laboratory. Most of clinical laboratories lack of safety data sheet.

Conclusion : It should be taken seriously to improve the knowledge of safety and emergency response, safety and health conditions which lead to safety
practices in clinical laboratories.

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