Effects of Isaan dance on physical performance in elderly Thais : A pilot study

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Chaiyapatn Sriraksa
Saowanee Nakmareong
Ponlapat Yonglitthipagon
Wantana Siritaratiwat
Kittisak Sawanyawisuth
Taweesak Janyacharoen


Background : In general, the elderly have to go through a physiological change and endure more risk from both acute and chronic illnesses. Exercise is an important factor in increasing the physical performance of the elderly. Researchers are interested in traditional Isaan dance because it is a type of community-based exercise about which there had been not study. Therefore, researchers believed that traditional Isaan dance should be an appropriate type of exercise for the elderly. It, therefore should be performed sustainably and continuously.

Objective : This research was to study the effect of traditional Isaan dance on physical performance in elderly Thais.

Methods : This is an experimental study on 20 subjects whose average age was 68.3  4.8 years old. They were divided into two groups: 10 subjects were in the control group (CG) and 10 subjects were in the traditional Isaan dance group (TIG). All volunteers were interviewed for basic information. Then they underwent the 6-minute walking test (6MWT), five-time sit test (FTSS), sit-and-reach test (SRT), Berg balance scale (BBS), time up-and-go test: (TUGT), prior to and 12 weeks after
the intervention.

Result : The baseline characteristics showed no significant difference in both groups. The comparison between groups found significant difference in all parameters.

Conclusion : The traditional Isaan dance can increase physical performance in the elderly.

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