Stress in workplace and its related factors among registered nurse at outpatient department of a hospital in Bangkok

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Thanyathon Thongkaeo
Sirilak Suppapitiporn


Background : Previous studies have found that stress affects the performance including the reasoning resignation of nurses. The study of work stress among nurses is therefore taken into account for evaluating the severity and
ways to mitigate stress and job resignation as well as providing good work environment and working conditions.

Objective : To examine the level of stress in the workplace of registered nurses and related factors.

Methods : Data were collected from 77 nurses who worked at the outpatient department of a hospital in Bangkok. Self-report questionnaires included:
1) general background;

2) general health qeustionaire-30;

3) factors associated with the stress of work.

Results : About half of the subjects had mild level of work stress. Severe level was found to be 3.9 percent. The factors related with stress were adequacy of income and mental health. Predictive factor of the stress level of nurses was mental health (Adjusted OR = 8.641).

Conclusion : Stress and factors related to stress in this study were similar to that of other studies. Therefore worksite health promotion and stress reduction for nurses should focus on mental health and stress management.

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