Factor Predicting Movement Recovery in the Older Patients after Hip Fracture Surgery in Singburi Hospital


  • Pranee Meehanpong -


This retrospective descriptive research aims to study the factors predicting movement recovery in the older patients after hip fracture surgery. Purposive sampling was used to select the medical records of 92 elderly patients who underwent hip orthopedic surgery in Singburi Hospital. The research instruments consisted of 1) a case record form, 2) a Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), and 3) a postoperative movement recovery form.  The general data of the samples were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation statistics while factors predicting movement recovery in the older patients after hip fracture surgery were analyzed using multinomial logistic regression.

                   The results showed that the older patients with blood loss less than 200 ml had increased 50.12 times of chance of recovery in movement (OR = 50.12, 95% CI 2.62, 959.73) compared to the older patients with blood loss greater than 200 ml. The older patients with the surgery time less than 60 minutes had increased 20.70 times of chance of recovery in movement (OR = 20.70, 95% CI 2.06, 208.90) compared to the older patients with the surgery time greater than 90 minutes, and 3) the older patients with the pain level score of 6-6.5 had 7.47 times of chance of recovery in movement (OR = 7.47, 95% CI 1.09, 51.37) compared to the older patients with pain level score of 7-7.5. Therefore, nurses and multidisciplinary teams should prepare the older patients before surgery and manage pain appropriately in order to support post-hip surgery to have better mobility recovery to reduce complications and allow the patient to restore the body to be close to normal.


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