Lessons Learned of Integrated Sub-district Economic and Social Upgrading Project: University to Local Area, Don Thong Subdistrict, Muang District, Phitsanulok Province


  • Sujin Rueangram -


Lessons Learned from the Integrated Sub-district Economic and Social Upgrading Project: University to Local Area, Don Thong Subdistrict Area. Objectives of study were 1) the process and results of project. 2) factors and conditions were affect to success or failure of the project 3) problems and obstacles in project implementation and 4) guidelines for developing project implementation. It is a qualitative research. Data were collected from two groups of informants: 1) graduates, unemployed people, students and the project managers. 2) stakeholders: government officials and people in the area.

The results of the study were summarized in 4 parts; Part 1: process and project results founded that there were 3 results: 1) employment of graduate, unemployed people and students 2) the potential development of the employed and 3) effects on the community which founded that (1) response to community needs (2) career development to generate income for the community (3) discovering the strengths of the community (4) The university applies knowledge to community services. Part 2: factors affecting the successful implementation of the project are: 1) budget 2) cooperation from agencies 3) community leaders 4) knowledge and competency of the project manager 5) administration and good coordination. Part 3: problems and obstacles in the implementation of the project founded that 1) lack of leaders in some communities 2) restrictions on budget usage and disbursement criteria 3) short-term of project implementation and lack of continuity. Part 4: suggestions for development 1) public relations and coordination with local agencies thoroughly 2) adjust the operational process to allow people to adjust mindset for reduce dependency on government services. 3) ongoing projects to promote the community becomes strong and sustainable.


Keywords: lesson learned, integrated sub-district economic and social upgrading project


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