Telehealth Design for Emergency care in the Coronavirus disease 2019 Epidemic Situation


  • Usa Tantapong คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยคริสเตียน


Telehealth design, Operations of the Emergency Accident Department, Coronavirus disease 2019


From the situation of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic that affects the work of staff in the emergency department at management, urgent treatment of emergency patients, and prevention of risk of infection of new incidences. This has caused impetus from many accident agencies in the world.  There have Telehealth design with each step of the operation in emergency care. This starts from the pre-hospital, in the emergency department, after discharge from emergency department, knowledge sharing and resource coordination.  It was found that at each stage, there was a different design of Telehealth.  It depends on how the operator learns from the problems and obstacles in the work and has developed service innovations by applying them to current digital technology. The doctors, nurses and all involved contribute to the development of the service system to be effective in emergency care in a new dimension service.  The telehealth design should be developed to keep up with changing of modern technology as well as in accordance with the context of service recipients and service providers


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