A Model of Breast Cancer Screening to Improving an Early Detection Rate: A Systematic Review


  • Jittiporn Srisaket
  • Ausanee Wanchai


breast cancer screening, early detection rate of breast cancer, breast cancer screening, early detection, social inequality, delay diagnosis, and health system barriers, health system barriers


Breast cancer is the most common problem in women worldwide due to an advance stage diagnosis, especially women who living in developing countries where health system limitations and social inequality. There are lack of accessed to breast cancer screening. This systematic review aims to explore the program development and trial of a breast cancer screening model that can detect breast cancer early and be effective for disadvantaged women in developing countries. A literature search was conducted in the electronic databases Academic were: Cochrane library, Embase, PubMed, Google scholar and Thaijo, including all articles published between 2011 and 2020. The research selection criteria were based on the PICOS principal selection criteria were based on the PICOS principle. Research quality was assessed using the Evaluation of Public Health Practice Projects; EPHPP. Data were analyzed by using frequency and percentage statistics for general information and content analysis method for the main outcome.

                The results of this systematic review found that there were 17 journals and identified into three model of breast cancer screening: 1) a health education teaching model to increase awareness about breast cancer screening behaviors and breast self-examination demonstration 2) a service delivery of clinical breast examination with a community participation, and 3) an applications of breast cancer screening programs that are already available in community’s context. This study found a breast cancer screening model that could detect breast cancer early and increase access to health systems. However, the context of each area is different, it is still necessary to study the breast cancer screening model according to the resource availability of the developing countries.


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