Health Behaviors among Ethical Akha Elderly in Chiang Rai Province


  • Chomphunut Singmanee
  • Nuttawan Pinijsuwan


พฤติกรรมสุขภาพ, ชนชาติพันธุ์อาข่า, ผู้สูงอายุ


This descriptive research aims to study the health behaviors among ethical Akha elderly in Chiang Rai. The sample was local elderly of the Akha ethnic group of 105 people in Chiang Rai Province. The research tools were personal information questionnaire and health behavior questionnaire. Data were analyzed using percentage. The results showed that 36.2% and 63.8% of the male and female samples, Health behaviors of the ethical Akha elderly have been found that 32.4% were more likely to eat foods high in fat and cholesterol, 41.9 % added salt after cooking and 47.6 % were found to exercise, but not always. Most of them did not have a stress problem and had a smoking habit accounted for 68.2 %; 34.1 % used to smoke first cigarette immediately after waking up. 22.0% consumed all kinds of alcohol. Less than 30.0% had a habit of washing their hands regularly. The results of this research indicated that Ethical Akha elderly still exhibited improper health behaviors and can lead to health problems.  Results of this research have displayed health behaviors of the Akha elderly which will be an important basic knowledge in planning activities to improve the health of the elderly Akha people in Chiang Rai Province.


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