Development of a Website with Infographic to Describe the Thesis Process for Master' Degree in Nursing Students, Naresuan University


  • Teerapot Taweewanabul คณะพยาบาลศาสตร์ มหาวิทยาลัยนเรศวร
  • Direk TeeraPuton


Thesis, Info Graphics, Master of Nursing Student Program


Developing Website withInfographic on Process to the Study Research for Master of Nursing Science Program Students, Nareasuan University's aims. 1) Using infographic for creating website media on thesis process of Master of Nursing students Naresuan University. 2) To studystudent's satisfaction using website with infographics. A sample group was 30 1st Master of Nursing Science Program Students. The data were statistically processed by means of percentage, mean and standard deviation. The instrument used to collect the data were questionnaires about website with infographic that developed by the researchers. It consists of 40 topics. Data collection method was Self-administered questionnaire. The research results can reveal that website developed by Wix Program that is program to design and designated by the creator.Infographics created by PowerPoint Program whichhave 7 topics. It consists of Appointment of advisory committee, Approval of master's thesis proposal, Method of review research instrument by expert, Method for collecting data, Process to approval of thesis, English Test and Certified publication of the graduate thesis.This media assessed by the specialist media 3 people, as like expert content side. Student's side were satisfied with the infographic on website at high level ( = 4.39, S.D. = 0.57). When considering each aspect it was found that students had the highlevel in the benefits of website ( = 4.58, S.D. = 0.55). The other side, Content and Learning, ( = 4.49, S.D. = 0.64), Media and design ( = 4.31, S.D. = 0.56), interaction ( = 4.23, S.D. = 0.56) and font color and image ( = 4.19, S.D. = 0.66) were high level respectively. The media is simple and easy on the eyes. Media content Interesting Very beneficial to students that websites can solve thesis problems and have academic value and is accurate that students can apply to the thesis immediately.


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