The effects of using reflective thinking technique in home visit practice on cognitive skills among nursing students

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Keywords: reflection, home visit, cognitive skills, nursing students


This quasi – experimental research with one group pretest-posttest design aimed to examine the effects of reflective thinking technique use in home visit practice on cognitive skills among nursing students. Participants included 64 third-year undergraduate nursing students who recruited by purposive sampling. The intervention included 6 cycles of the Gibbs's Reflection Techniques. The data collection tool was a cognitive skill test, which its content validity was assessed by 3 experts and reliability was evaluated by Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient with the reliability of 0.94. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and hypotheses were tested using the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test and the Kruskal-Wallis Test. Results showed that the mean scores of cognitive skills after the intervention was significantly higher than that before the intervention (z = 2.14, p<.05). Therefore, the use of reflection techniques in home visit practice could improve the cognitive skills of nursing students.


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