Effects of the Self-Management Program on Asthma Control Behaviors of School-Age Children with Asthma


  • Vatcharee Promprakob Faculty of nursing Burapha University
  • Siriyupa Sananreangsak
  • Narumon Teerarungsikul


Self-managementprogram, asthma control behaviors, school-age children with asthma


The purpose of this quasi-experimental researchaimed to study the effects of the self-management program on asthma control behaviors of school-age children with asthma. Forty participants were school-age children with asthma at asthma clinicRayong province. The participants met the inclusioncriterion and randomly assigned into the experimental (n = 20) and control group (n = 20). In the 8 weeks of program period, the experimental group received self-management programthat was developed based on the self-management concept of Career, while the control group received routine care. The program consisted of goal selection, information collection, informationprocessing and evaluation, decision making, actionand self-reaction. The instruments wasthe asthma control behaviors in school-age children with asthma questionnaire which had a reliability of 0.90. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, paired t-test and independent t-test. The results revealed that after received theprogram,the experimental grouphad significantly higher meanscores ofasthma control behaviorthan the control group (t38 = 12.72, p < .001) andthan those before received the program (t19 = 21.21, p < .001). This study concluded thatnurses could apply this program to school-age children with asthma for improve asthma control behavior.


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