Promoting Economical Behaviors for Nursing Students in a Materialistic Society


  • Kanchana Lersthavorntham Barommarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi
  • Chiraporn Ancha
  • Nongnuch Wongsawang


Economical behaviors, Nursing students


In the current situation that Thailand is in a recession, promoting saving behaviors for Thai youth is what the Thai government has set a policy for. In this case, nursing students are included as adolescents whom we need to promote saving behaviors. There are many factors that affect the spending behaviors in nursing students, either the personal expenses or study expenses. Guidelines to promote saving behaviors in nursing students can be categorized into 5 ways, including: 1) making students to be aware of the success of saving, 2) promote students' thinking before spending money, 3) having a role model for saving, 4) educating students about saving, and 5) having financial literacy


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