The Development of a Geographic Information System for Improving the Accessibility of Emergency Care for Stroke Patients in Khlong Khlung District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand


  • Somsak Thojampa
  • Phudit Tejativaddhana
  • Kanida Narattharaksa
  • Suthi Hantrakul


Geographic Information System, Stroke, Accessibility, Emergency Medical Services


This action research aimed to develop a geographic information system to assist stroke patients and families in seeking emergency medical services (EMS) provided by hospitals and health care facilities. The geographic information system (GIS) in this studywas designed by practitioners, healthcare providers, community leaders, and village health volunteers. The developedsemi-structured questionnairewas verified by an expert panel before the effectiveness of this toolwas tested. Ten at-risk stroke patients simulated a pilot study by calling the EMS hotline to report a stroke emergency, and the nearby hospital dispatched ambulance to pick up the at-risk patient from their home. Outcomes were measured including practitioners' satisfaction towards using the developed GIS. The results showed that the pilot study that was simulated met the Khlong Khlung Hospital's goal. The ten at-risk- strokepatients that were delivered by EMS ambulance from their house to Khlong Khlung Hospital took less than two hours ( = 1.25 hour), starting from the time the hotline received calls. It was found that the community was satisfied with the GIS (Very good). The data collectionprocesses undertaken by the team included: analysis, planning and designing,reporting and presenting data. The system was found to be efficient inestablishing the implementation of a Stroke Patient EMS. It could be used as a guideline to establish the emergency medical services in addressing stroke as well as to increase participating medical facilities that are covered by Kamphaeng Phet province.


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