Development of Mental Health Promotion Model for Homebound Elder in Muangkao Sub-District, Muang District, Sukhothai Province


  • Sunaree Tanapek
  • Thassanawan Suphansay
  • Chalad Jiwnot


Participation, Mental health, Homebound elder


This research aimed to develop a model for promoting mental health among home bound elder in Muangkao Sub-District, Muang District, Sukhothai Province. There were 2 experimental groups. The first experimental groups was composed of 55 caregivers for homebound elder: 24 students; 12 Village Health Volunteers and 24 elders, and sampling was done by using purposive sampling. There is one caregiver group per community. The second experimental group was made up of 36 homebound elders in 11 communities and were selected as a representative of the whole population. The intervention included 1) plan: caregivers went to the first home visit for evaluating the mental health and activities intended for homebound elders, study visit for best practice and planning 2) do: training for home visit skill and the second home visit by caregivers 3) check: evaluating potential caregivers for homebound elder and mental health among homebound elders 4) act: evaluating the satisfaction and lesson learned. The results were estimated before and after the experiment with questionnaires: developed by the researcher and General Health Questionnaire (Thai GHQ - 28). The data is analyzed by means of descriptive statistics and Paired t-test. The results evaluating the satisfaction and lesson learned showed that caregivers and home bound elders have a very satisfied level. The comparison of mean score were found to have significantly higher mean scores of knowledge, attitude and potential caregivers for homebound elders after the experiment than before the experiment (p = 0.040, 0.001, and 0.019, respectively). Also homebound elders had significantly higher mean scores of mental health after the experiment than before the experiment (p < 0.001) The results of this study can be used as a guideline for enhancing the mental health among home bound elder in the area and similar contexts.


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