Cryoballoon Ablation as a Treatment for Patients withAtrial Fibrillation

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Chatyapha Sriprom
Supaluck Kanjanauthai
Anon Jantanukul
Kanok-on Chamnan
Atchara Pumsombat
Supattra Hongthongkham
Thanista Jerdnapaphan


Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a condition recognized as atrium develops disorganized and very fast electrical activity greater than 350 beats per
minute. Patients may present with palpitation, fatigue, syncope, congestive heart failure or thromboembolic events. In patients with recurrent or uncontrolled fibrillation, especially in paroxysmal AF, ablation becomes an option of treatment for selected patients. To date, ablation can be performed by utilizing radiofrequency energy or via cryoablation. Typically, radiofrequency catheter ablation technique is used to create lines around pulmonary veins which could take up to three or four hours for procedural time. In contrast, utilizing cryoballoon ablation to create lines to isolate pulmonary veins can be performed with procedural time two or three hours. Moreover, it could reduce adverse events and improve patient safety. This article briefly reviewed technical details of this procedure.


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Sriprom, C., Kanjanauthai , S., Jantanukul, A. ., Chamnan, K.- on ., Pumsombat, A., Hongthongkham, S., & Jerdnapaphan, T. . (2022). Cryoballoon Ablation as a Treatment for Patients withAtrial Fibrillation. Lampang Medical Journal, 42(2), 74–79. Retrieved from
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